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GodKulture is a rich and diverse global community of creative professionals and leaders influencing the world with the culture of the kingdom.

Our mission

We’re passionate about helping people discover their God-given purpose, and building creative platforms so they can fulfill their calling.

In our world today, many creatives are trapped in what is commonly called the rat race abandoning their calling to pursue success. We believe that true success and fulfillment comes from living a life of purpose. At GodKulture, we work tirelessly to inspire, educate and empower people to discover their true identity and walk in their God-given purpose.

How we do it

Annual Themes

Every year, we have a theme that we believe gives clarity to God's direction for our ministry. Our theme this year is: Deeper. We believe that it is time to go deeper in our calling, faith, love, ministry and relationship with God.



Becoming a member of GodKulture gets you connected to care, community and collaboration provided through the leaders in our network.

Annual Leadership & Worship Conference

We host an annual conference called The GodKulture Conference where we feature a mix of creative experiences in music, drama, teaching and break-out sessions.


Inter-Church Sports

We create opportunities for unity and fellowship through our annual Memorial Day Inter-Church Sports Competitions.



We believe that True freedom is living a life of purpose. PurposeFest is a conference/workshop series developed to help attendees discover their purpose, build their platforms and become transformational leaders.



You can get some of our merch and show your support. Our tees are available at any of our events or in our office.

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