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GodKulture gives you a unique opportunity to touch your world with your gifts and talents. You can make impacting changes in your society by using GodKulture as a platform for expressing your creativity. Becoming a GK member ensures you engage a powerful network of creative professionals around the world. You can use our tools and network to jumpstart your business, write and publish your book, register a trademark, meet potential partners, buy creative resources and so much more. Becoming a member benefits you in the following broad categories;


Personal Development.

Leadership: GK empowers you to take the lead in the areas or specialize in those that are of interest to you. As you develop yourself in your calling, you can opt in to manage diverse projects and task fields that are of relevance to you. We help you discover your God-given calling and provide the resources to make it a success with God’s help.

Trainings and Seminars: Occasionally, GK will organize specified training events to strengthen your knowledge in your career/ business/ ministry field. Opportunities are also given to members to conduct training as well. Members can also receive training credits for third party trainings/ seminars/ workshop that a GK member opts to attend.

eNewsletters: You get news updates and related articles/ tips related to your career/ course of study /business or ministry. These are sent on your desired schedule and the quantity you desire. You can easily opt-out at any time as well.

Your Ministry

Everyone gets an opportunity for ministry in GK. Pastors, writers, musicians, artists can all benefit from our services. Members can own and manage specialized personal blogs, write articles, shoot videos, pray on issues, attend concerts, events and mentor others and learn from ministry leaders.

Regardless of what God has called you to do, GK provides a creative meets, platform to support you in fulfilling your destiny.

Your Business

At GK, you can earn money in number of ways. GK members are given right of first choice on client projects that require certain expertise. You can work with GK as a freelance consultant, start a business on the side, partner with GK on special projects, or launch your full-time business dream.

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Tools and Resources

GK members receive heavily discounted website and graphics development services, domain name registration and hosting, book publishing services. Through the GK community, you can connect and network on a global level. You can also grab freebies, online store discounts, tutorials, and much more. GK members also enjoy a wide variety of raffles and giveaways.

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