Happy New Year

On behalf of myself, my family and the entire GodKulture global team, I want to say Happy New Year to you! 2017 was amazing! We had so many breakthroughs and I will say humbly, that it’s been our best year yet!

We moved into our new and super-cool office space which gives us a creative hub for our team, volunteers, photo and video studio, and classroom all in one. We had a record turn-out at our annual conference where we launched our debut album, Love and Freedom (Itunes, Spotify). It was amazing to see God move in such a mighty way and to see people make decisions for Jesus.

I am personally excited about 2018 and it also will have some big changes in some of our initiatives as well as events.

Our theme for the year is: RISE. We believe that God is going to do amazing things through the most unlikely people. We are confident that it is time for the church to rise up and take her place.

We believe that God has empowered us to find solutions to the challenges that exist today in the church. This is who we are at GodKulture Global. Our mission is to cover the earth with the culture of heaven through music, dance, teaching, arts, name it. The gospel is about good news and we must constantly evolve in our storytelling, in our crafting of methods to reach the culture.

The church should be at the forefront of creativity. We should be solving problems and this, I think, is being relevant to the culture and not a bunch of people who simply want everyone else to believe in what they believe.

For us at GK, 2018 will also have some big changes in some of our initiative and events. First off, we’re making a big direction/name change to our annual FireStorm Conference. We started the journey of hosting annual conferences in 2002 and we believe strongly that it’s time to focus on aligning the conference with our mission of empowering the church to influence the culture. The church is God’s body on earth and our drive will be to engage local assemblies to partner with us in this mission. Our annual conference will now simply be called The GodKulture Conference where we will explore topics related to church, creativity and culture.

Through song, dance, spoken word, co-labs, teachings, we are more than excited to share the story of God’s love spun through church history to our present day local churches.

Secondly, we’re launching official GodKulture Memberships where our members will be able to get amazing perks for being part of our movement and be part of a community of christian creatives.

Our office will be open on Saturdays for our members to come study, worship, attend GK events, have meetings, or play video games. There’ll always be free coffee and parking.

This year, I want to encourage you to RISE UP! To take your place in God’s plan and to take the leap of faith into His perfect will. God wants His people to rise up from shame, despair, frustration, sin to new life in Jesus Christ. This is a life of purpose focused on God’s mission.

Welcome to 2018.

Rotimi Kehinde
GodKulture Global

Instagram: rotimi.kehinde.gk

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