The Man Gideon: A Victim Turned Victor (Week 7)

Week 7: Less really, is more

Scripture Reading: Judges 6:33 – 7:13
Synopsis: In this passage, we see God’s strategy to win.

Gideon had to wait on God for the next step; he did not start fighting the Midianites with his own might because he knew that he would fail. The route to our destination is as important as the destination itself because not all routes lead to the right goal. He was a leader that spent time listening to God’s instructions before speaking to his clan. Revelation might be the catalyst that activates potential, but it is faith in action that produces results. It always takes time for our minds to be renewed after being enslaved for years. Gideon was still fearful to an extent but that did not stop him from moving forward.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Revelation might be the catalyst that activates potential, but it is faith in action that produces results.[/perfectpullquote]

God always wants all the glory for Himself; so, He decided to reduce the number of the soldiers to 300. If all who volunteered went to war and won, they would have taken the glory but if 300 soldiers won against a nation like Midian; that could only be God in action. There are times when we reach out to a lot of people for help and at first, they agree to help us; but at some point, most of them begin to disappoint; and it is in these conditions that we turn to God for help. If they all helped you, you would have glorified them, your connection, yourself and they would have boasted about helping you, but if God helps you; no man can boast about it.

 God had to test the called-out ones, only those that passed the test were chosen. The irony of life is, not everyone that has been called will be chosen because between being “called” and being “chosen”, there lies some difficult tests. 

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Creation lusted after the gifts instead of loving the Giver.[/perfectpullquote]

Gideon gave his personal time with God priority because he knew he could not win without God. We sometimes put ministry, assignments, purpose, and blessings first before God. Creation lusted after the gifts instead of loving the Giver. God wanted to show Gideon a sign, but He knew that he would be afraid to go near the Camp of the Midianites so He told him to go with Purah if he was afraid. A Midianite had a dream; one of his friends gave an interpretation that the Midianites would be defeated by Israel. Would it not be great if we heard about our victories from the lips of our enemies?! Gideon knew that God already gave them victory and he was not concerned about how it would happen.

Memory Verse: “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” Psalm 37:7

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for helping me understand and follow your voice. Thank you for giving me the strength to look and follow your heart instead of your hand.

Action Plan: Here are some activities that you can try to help implement this week’s message. Stay encouraged!

1. Take some time every day this week to sit still, you pick the location and the length of time. Make sure all electronics are off or far enough away to not cause a distraction.

2. Document your thoughts and feelings regarding this week’s task.

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